Nvidia Geforce GTX 1030 Hashrate
Nvidia Geforce GT 1030 Hashrate

With such a low-performance memory bus, you should not count on a hash rate when mining with the Nvidia GT1030 more than 5-7 mh / s (even when overclocking and using optimized timings). The computational capabilities of this video card are severely limited by its 2GB limit. However, there is some hope in that it supports CUDA 6 version but only has an average frequency up to 1400 MHz which still leaves room for improvement.
The budget Nvidia GT1030 is significantly inferior to the AMD Radeon RX550, which has a performance of 75.7 GFLOPS with an energy consumption 50 watts! Compared against its predecessor; the older model featured just 43 4GB GDDR5 VRAM chips running at 1228Mhz on both sides them it had 144 T.
The Nvidia GTX1030 is a powerful graphics card with an efficient cooler and cooling system. It only requires two GDDR5 memory modules, but its power phases still make it more than enough for most algorithms to run smoothly without any problems or delays in processing times!
The Nvidia GT1030 is a graphics card with low power consumption and good performance on algorithms of the Cryptonight, megabtx megamec verthash families. This allows it to be used for profitable mining in these days.
The Nvidia GT1030 is a mining card that many people use. Despite being outdated, this video card’s power is strong because it doesn’t have the bandwidth and memory capacity to handle more algorithms. The GeForce GT 1030 can generate about $ 28 a month with an 8 MH / s on the KawPow algorithm (RVN coin). We suggest checking out other algorithms and average performance of Nvidia’s newest addition:

Nvidia Geforce GT 1030 Specifications : 

  • NVIDIA CUDA® Cores : 384
  • Boost Clock : 1468 MHz
  • Memory Speed : 3000
  • Memory Bandwidth : 48 GB/sec
  • Standard Memory Config : 2 GB
  • Memory Interface Width : 64-bit
Nvidia Geforce GT 1030 Hashrate
Nvidia Geforce GT 1030 Hashrate

Ethereum Mining Hashrate : 4.6 MH/s

Zcash Mining Hashrate : 33 sol/s

Neoscrypt Mining Hashrate : 218 H/s

Lyra2v2 Mining Hashrate : 5.1 MH/s

Power Consumption :  30 Watt/Per Hour

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